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Picking colors that look good together is not difficult when you know a few basic techniques.

Below you will find links to the sections that take you through basic color theory in general and how to get the most out of ColorImpact.

If you are new to working with colors, we recommend that you browse through the color theory section before you continue with the other sections.

color wheelChromoscale

Paolo Di Pasquale has written this fascinating document about the Unique Language for Sounds Colors and Numbers

Read moreChromoscale PDF 7.42 MB


color wheelBasic Color Theory

Picking colors that look good together is not difficult once you know the basic rules.

Read moreBasic color schemes - introduction to Color Theory


How Color is Measured

This PDF from BYK-Gardner gives a very clear description of color i measured..

Read moreSolid Color PDF 580 KB


Using ColorImpact

Read moreColorImpact 4 User Manual (PDF)
Read the user manual online, or download to your own PC.

Read moreGetting Started
Take ColorImpact for a spin and learn the basic functions.

Read moreWorking with Other Applications 
Learn how to use ColorImpact with Photoshop, Fireworks, TopStyle Pro, Dreamweaver and other applications.

Read moreColor tip: How many colors should you use in your designs?

test patternRead moreTest patterns 
Test patterns are real designs that can be used inside ColorImpact 4 to test your color schemes. Download additional test patterns from this page.

For advanced users

Read moreHow to create custom test patterns for ColorImpact 3

If you know how to use Adobe Flash, you can design your own custom test patterns.


Read moreDownloadable Color Wheels
A selection of downloadable color wheels in several file formats.

Read moreDownloadable Color Palettes
A selection of downloadable color palettes in several file formats.

Read moreSample Color Schemes
A selection of sample color schemes created with ColorImpact.

Read moreWeb safe colors
List of 216 web safe colors.

Web sites of Interest

web linkThere are a large number of web sites devoted to color. Here is a selection of some of the most interesting ones.

Read moreWorqx com
A comprehensive web site with in-depth information on color theory. Very informative.

Read moreColor Voodoo
Want to dig deep into color symbolism and utilize the subconscious messages conveyed by color? Color Voodoo has a number of interesting e-books on color symbolism, color theory etc.

Read moreThe Web-Smart Color Palette
Useful information about the 4096 color web-smart palette.

Read more10 Colors That Increase Sales, and Why
Read this article by Brian Morris on how to use colors to strengthen your sales message.

Read moreHand Print
This is a very nice web site with lots of useful information about color for painters.