Ultra Color Picker

This handy desktop utility allows you to collect colors from anywhere on your screen and store them for easy reference. It is a must for any designer. Download the free trial now and start using it within minutes.

Software Features:

Pick colors from anywhere on your screen
Fast and easy to use
Holds an unlimited number of color palettes
- keep all your color schemes in one place
Each palette can contain an unlimited number of colors
Each color swatch and palette can be labeled for easy reference
Display color swatches in list mode, compact list mode or as thumbnails
Export palettes and color values to many different formats for use in popular design applications like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Corel Draw etc.
Flexible CSS export - indispensable for web designers
Print swatches and color values
Compact design
Powerful on its own - ideal as a companion for ColorImpact
Full support for Windows Vista

With the Ultra Color Picker you have a complete color scheme library available at your finger tips. And you can quickly grab a color scheme from a web page, from a photo, or from another application.

Export Your Color Schemes to Your Favorite Design Program

Sample SchemeThe Ultra Color Picker has the same advanced export options as ColorImpact, and can export color schemes to most popular design applications. It supports the following formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, CSS, HTML, ACO, ACT, ACF, WMF, EMF and several text formats.

A complete Color Scheme Database

The Ultra Color Picker also stores an unlimited number of color that is immediately available when you start the program. And the small footprint makes it ideal as an add-on tool to your design application. Keep it open at all times to access your color schemes.

color picker diagram

The Ideal Companion for ColorImpact

While the Ultra Color Picker is a powerful tool on its own, it is also a perfect match for ColorImpact. Use the advanced tools of ColorImpact to create and test your color schemes, and take advantage of the compact design of Ultra Color Picker when you work with other applications.

Ultra Color Picker for Windows: Only $24.95

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